Highlights of the Elementary Program


Integrated Contemporary and Classical Christian Education 
Hands-on Learning Communities
​Individualized Educational Success

Math: The number one math choice for homeschoolers, Saxon Math will guide students to math competency.

Language Arts: The elementary students will study Spelling, Handwriting, Reading, and Language using the BJU Press curriculum. 

In Bible, History and Science: all students in K5 through 6th grade work on the same topic of study tailored to their grade level.  This means siblings will be exploring the same material in the year, fostering a learning community amongst all the primary students and within families.  Class times at home and at school have many fun, hands-on projects to build a love for the subject matter.

By the end of 6th grade students will have:

  • explored the Bible with Aplogia 
  • experienced the History of the world (including geography) from the beginning of recorded history to the present-day through Peace Hill Press
  • engaged in the world of Science in the fields of zoology, botany, anatomy and physiology, and astronomy from Apologia.